Children’s Miracle Network Care-a-thon

It has been six weeks since Emily first went to the U.C. Davis Medical Center and we  heard the word Leukemia.

Six weeks full of doctors, surgeries, needle sticks, and chemotherapy.

Six weeks full of meals, gifts, babysitting, and hugs.

Six weeks full of smiles and tears, love and support, and ever constant prayer.

The Love family has been surrounded these six weeks, not only by God’s arms of strength, but by friends, family, and complete strangers doing everything in their power to ease the difficult road Emily and her family are on. They have also been blessed with doctors, nurses, and specialists providing the highest level of medical care for our little Stitch.

In the midst of their own struggles, the Loves have seen and been touched by the many children they have met and heard of also struggling with serious illnesses and injuries. They may never be able to thank every person who has supported their own family, but they are motivated to give back and help others in a very special way that you can be a part of, as well.

The Loves have become Ambassadors for the Children’s Miracle Network – a charity committed to providing support and services to Warrior-children just like Emily. Over the next three weeks, Jason Love is leading a fundraising campaign as a part of the Network’s Race to 100k Care-a-thon. Along with several other Sacramento families, Jason has set a goal to raise as much as he can before April 12, 2012. On April 11, 12, and 13th, Jason will then go on local radio station WOLF 101.9 and Fox 40 News to ask businesses to match the donations he has raised in the weeks preceding. The money will all stay in the Sacramento area, supporting hospitals like the U.C. Davis Medical Center and other support services for families like the Loves.

You can help Jason meet his goal by donating directly to the Children’s Miracle Network via this link: Support Team Love. The Loves have received so much support through Emily’s illness, now you can help make it possible for other children to have the same support!

Thank you to family friend, Asher Styrsky, President of Styrsky Insurance Agency, who has committed to not only match the donations to the Children’s Miracle Network up to $2,500 but to also matching the funds specifically for the Love family! You can see his commitment here and be reminded, yet again, of the wonderful blessings God has provided for the Loves through the generous hearts of His children.

If you are part of a business that wants to help by matching the funds Jason raises in the next three weeks, please consider making a commitment to call-in during the Care-a-thon on April 11, 12, and 13th. You can pledge your support and get more details by emailing Jason at


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