Target & french fries, What more could a sick child want?

Sometimes all you need is home. And sometimes you need a little more than that, but home still helps!

Emily has now been home with her family for five days! She is still feeling unwell, not sleeping through the night, needing to be held constantly, not walking, and eating very little. But her spirits are up and that brings smiles to all of our faces!

Snuggling with Big Sister

Emily was sent home with an ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) of only 20. This essentially meant she had no immune system. Family has been on edge about germs in the house and any exposure when they leave the house. Any one who feels even slightly sick has stayed away and Christina and Emily have remained close to home – only venturing out for short walks around the neighborhood for some fresh air.

Today brought good news from the Home Health Nurse who performs regular blood work. Emily’s ANC is now 869! Safely above the minimum count of 500, Christina took Emily for her first adventure – a trip to Target with her boys! Emily was so excited she even asked to sit in the cart for a few minutes (after it had been sanitized). Her energy waned quickly, however, and her interest turned to french fries (no clue where that one came from!).

Emily's first Target!

Due to the daily steroids Emily is taking, and the effects of her chemotherapy, Emily’s appetite is out of sorts and her weight has been declining quickly. The Doctors have told the family Emily can eat pretty much anything she wants (aside from certain raw foods and live cultures). This special diet includes all the fattening foods we can get Emily to consume…so french fries are a definite YES!

All the Love children are happy to have their sister and mom back in the house.  Emily’s induction period will come to an end next Tuesday and she will enter the protracted period of her treatment. We are still awaiting final results on Emily’s spinal tap tests, which will determine the extent of the next phase of treatment but we continue to pray she will be classified as low-risk and able to continue remaining at home with her family.

Please continue to pray for Emily and the Love family. It has been just four short weeks since her initial diagnosis and life has been in chaos for them all. Despite an optimistic prognosis, Emily is still a very sick young girl and it is hard for us all to see her unhappy and in pain. She has begun losing her hair, as well as dropping weight, and these physical signs of her illness are heartbreaking for us all. Please pray for peace and rest for Christina and Jason, understanding for Emily’s brothers & sisters, healing for little Emily, and courage and compassion for us all. 


2 responses to “Target & french fries, What more could a sick child want?

  1. Love you guys so much! Thank you to Auntie Elisabeth for taking the love and time to keep all of us who are praying in the loop. Miss seeing you Chrissie and Emily, but you are both in my hearts and I seek the Lord on your behalf daily. So happy you’re home.

  2. Elisabeth Johnson

    I could not make it to the middle of this post with out crying. What courage you all have and how amazing our God is to provide something so simple as the idea of beads to encourage patients and families to stay to the course and celebrate victories along the way. You all are in my prayers. Elisabeth, thank you for so eloquently keeping us all informed. You are a blessing as well.

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