Continued Isolation

Over the past week, doctors have run multiple tests for the signs of the Staph Infection first discovered upon admittance last Monday night. Thus far, only one test has come up positive, the test done in the ER of Emily’s red lumen in her Broviac port. Tests of her blood, skin, and nasal passages have all shown negative results. Unfortunately, the positive test was confirmed as MRSA, a strain of staph bacteria highly resistant to antibiotics. Due to the contagious nature of MRSA, Emily has spent the past week in an isolation room to prevent the spread of any possible MRSA to other patients on the floor.

The doctors and nurses seem confident that Emily is not in danger. Since the first positive result, no other tests, including additional tests of her lumen line, have shown signs of infection. They are however, proceeding to flush her line and finish the ten-day run of her antibiotic just to be safe, during which time, Emily continues to remain in isolation as required by the Center for Infectious Diseases. We have been told that if 3 or more tests of her blood and nasal passages come back negative, the doctors are hopeful to get that mandate reversed. The worse case scenario is that Emily may have to be in an isolation room every time she stays in the hospital for the foreseeable future! Something we would not want, as it means Emily cannot walk the halls like she loves or go to the playroom for activities.

Music Therapy with Daddy

The nurses and volunteers at U.C. Davis have been wonderful in helping Emily stay entertained during this past week. They have brought sterilized toys to her room and even come with armfuls of musical instruments to do Emily’s own session of music therapy! One nurse even let Emily and Christina break out for a few quick rounds around the halls – that’s how certain they are that Emily is not infectious. Emily continues to be adjusting to her time in the hospital. She is eating more, playing more, and even asking to go down for naps! It has been a tough week with Emily returning to the hospital so soon after her first discharge, but we remain positive and strong in the knowledge she is receiving the best care from her doctors and her Father in Heaven.


2 responses to “Continued Isolation

  1. Thank u for the update! She has been on my mind a lot lately. Love u all!

  2. Awesome to see Elisabeth and Jennifer this morning…you guys (all) are in my thoughts and prayers….

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