Blood and Platelets

Emily is still in the hospital tonight and will likely be there for another few days at least. Tests revealed that Emily has an Infection, an extremely serious risk with Emily’s weakened immune system.  We ask for prayer that the antibiotics she is being given will allow her body to fight back and keep her strong and that her infection is relatively minor. 

Blood cells are at the heart of Emily’s illness and treatment. Leukemia overwhelms the body’s blood with abnormal cells that crowd out the healthy cells that can keep Emily well. So Emily is already at a disadvantage with fewer platelets to help her blood clot and fewer white blood cells to fight off infections. Chemotherapy, which is designed to kill Leukemia cells, also kills some healthy cells, thus leaving Emily with even lower blood cell counts. With her body in such a weakened state, a cold which would have otherwise just caused sniffles, could be extremely dangerous for our little Stitch.

To make up for the attacks by the Leukemia and Chemotherapy, Emily will continue to receive blood and platelet transfusions throughout her treatment. Many people have asked if they can help meet the need for blood and platelet donations. While there is no way to donate specifically to Emily, there is a way to support her by helping the blood bank stay well stocked with these life saving donations. We have created a group number at the Blood Source in Emily’s name. If you are able and would like to donate blood or platelets in Emily’s name, make an appointment today and give them Donor Club #0067. Make an appointment online or call 866.82 BLOOD (866.822.5663) These donations may not be directly used for Emily’s treatment but we can guarantee you will be helping to save lives of many patients fighting illness just like Emily.

Several members of Emily’s family are already regular donors and we have had great responses from medical professionals in this regard. Upon hearing that at least three family members have donated platelets for several years, before having any personal connection to a platelet receiver, one doctor nearly started crying and spent ten minutes thanking the family. We also learned from this doctor that blood relatives actually cannot be platelet donors for Emily, as relatives have similar blood antibodies and it is better for Emily’s health to receive a diversity of antibodies. So if you do donate, please let the Blood Source know if you are a blood relative of Emily Love. They will need to add you to a list so your platelets are not used for Emily.

During a regularly scheduled platelet donation on Monday, God showed Auntie Elisabeth how powerful the witness of Emily can be. Upon letting the Registered Nurse (RN) overseeing her donation know about the family connection and explaining Emily’s diagnosis, the man nearly burst into tears. Over the next two hours, he learned more about Emily and shared some of his own personal story. He inquired about Elisabeth’s faith after she mentioned the trust she has in God to heal Emily and said he is also a Christian and will start praying for Emily and asking others to pray as well. He helped set up the donor group in Emily’s name and when it was time for Elisabeth to leave, asked if he could give her a hug.

It is a powerful thing to share such a personal moment with a complete stranger and to find common ground. This man is from West Africa, working in the US for a training period. He shares our faith and our hope for the best of God’s will in Emily’s life, while also sharing our heartbreak. We know that God has many more encounters in store for each of us who will open ourselves up to witnessing through Emily’s journey. We are thankful for men like this nurse, who care so passionately about a young girl they have never met. We can change lives. Emily is not in this fight without a purpose. God has far more planned and in the works than any of us can comprehend.


7 responses to “Blood and Platelets

  1. Amen…

  2. Dear Emily, Your life will touch many as will all your family be a witness. I have never met you but have known your family for years. We are praying for you here in TN as one of our dear loved ones struggles with the same diagnosis. Stay strong and see the salvation of the Lord.

  3. Is there a way for those of us out of state can donate in Emily’s name? I can’t do it at the moment due to pregnancy, but my husband can and wants to. Thanks so much for posting to keep us updated on Emily. We have people here in Virginia praying for her and the family.

    • Thank you for asking Liz! I’m looking into this. The American Blood Center is the national parent organization the BloodSource is under and there are member blood banks all over the country. I’ll update the blog as soon as I have more information for donors outside the BloodSource areas.

  4. We love you all and are praying everyday for Emily and your family.

  5. We are praying as a family for Emily’s complete healing, and for God to continue to use her life and her story to encourage and uplift the body of Christ and to bring those who need Him to a saving grace. God wants to do big things with your little baby girl. I love you guys!!

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