Updated & Rewind to First Night Home

Emily was readmitted to the hospital last night after her trip to the ER revealed an extremely low white blood cell count (400, when it should be 4,000 to 10,000).

Unfortunately, her new room is not as posh as the one she vacated on Sunday and there is very little room for visitors, including for Grammie to stay overnight. Due to the risk of illness a low white blood cell count leaves her in, Emily is in a negative pressure room – designed to prevent cross-contamination from room to room by keeping contaminated air from flowing out into the hallways. We have been told that Emily can expect to stay in the hospital two or three days as the doctors help improve her blood counts and get her healthy enough to go home again.

Please pray for Emily’s blood counts to elevate to healthy levels so she can return home and continue her treatment. Please also pray that she be protected from further sickness or infections during this time that her body is unable to fight them off. 

In the meantime, I’ve decided to include the original post I was going to update with last night giving a look at Emily’s first night home. We want this blog to be a place people can receive updates on Emily but also to follow the highs and lows of her journey and the many blessings and smiles God will rain down upon all of us as we walk in faith with Him.


Emily was welcomed home Sunday night with a great deal of love and excitement!

Sophia reintroduced her to all their toys and the boys kept running back in to give her hugs and smiles. For the first time in weeks, Emily sat on the floor and played without yelling for Mommy. She was so excited to wear normal pajamas that she started dressing herself before Christina could even change her diaper!

Christina was also welcomed back home with great enthusiasm. Emily had to share Mommy with her siblings who were very excited to have mom home to kiss them goodnight. Jason also showed his joy at having his wife home by making space to cuddle with her in the recliner while they caught up on a favorite television show.

A playpen was set up in Jason and Christina’s room, as Emily has had a habit of crying throughout the night and wouldn’t do well sharing a room with big sister. But for once, little Stitch went to sleep without a single scream and was sleeping like an angel until Momma and Aunt Elisabeth realized they’d forgotten to give her medication and had to go in to wake her up. Unfortunately, due to nerves or lack of practice, Aunt Elisabeth managed to squirt most of the first dose on Emily’s shirt and get the second dose coughed back up. After a bit of panicking about whether to call the doctor for advice, Emily was put back to bed with the hopes of more success in the morning.

Emily slept well her first night back home and woke in the morning insisting on shoes and a new bow! Sophia was thrilled to hug mom in the morning and said, “I’m glad you could come home. This is a good time forever!”

Indeed, it is a good time forever! Though Emily still insists on being held by momma nearly nonstop, she now has her siblings to help distract and entertain her. Christina and Jason will be adjusting to a lot over the next few weeks in managing Emily’s increased needs for attention and medical care while still loving on the four older children. Prayer is especially needed for Sophia who is still young to fully understand why Mom has to spend so much time with Emily.

Breakfast was a long affair as Christina now has two daughters wanting her full attention. She is incredibly thankful to everyone who has stocked her kitchen with delicious meals and easy to prepare food that makes it a bit easier to manage house & home with only one hand (the other’s always holding Emily). We will continue to ask anyone willing, to participate in the meal train as a way to support the Loves in the weeks ahead. Babysitting will also be kept up as it allows Christina and Jason time to manage the house and be available to get Emily to a long list of medical appointments. She will be going to the hospital three times a week over the next three weeks and at least once a week after that for the next two years. The emergency babysitting list is also critical at this stage, as there are a variety of scenarios that may necessitate Emily being taken back to the E.R. on short notice. If you continue to be willing to serve in this capacity, be in contact with Aunt Gaby or email us at emily.stitch.love@gmail.com.

We thank God that Emily and Christina could come home this weekend and the Love family be reunited. We are blessed and comforted by the way God is providing for the Loves through gifts everyone around them has bestowed. we continue to ask for your prayers as the journey toward a cure for Emily has just begun:

  • Please pray for all the Love children, Ethan, Adam, William, and Sophia, as they learn more about their sister’s illness and how it will impact all of their lives.
  • Please pray for Jason and Christina as they manage their home and give love to all their children. Pray for financial needs to be met and for rest as they deal with the added stress of everything that is changing in their lives.
  • Please pray for peace for everyone touched by Emily’s disease. It is so hard to understand the reasons for a young child to suffer but we have faith the Lord has a purpose and can use this journey to touch lives in amazing ways.
  • Please pray for increased comfort with the medical care Emily needs. Emily refused another round of medication Monday morning as Aunt Elisabeth and Christina struggled to learn the best ways to administer bad-tasting meds to an unhappy little girl.

5 responses to “Updated & Rewind to First Night Home

  1. Thank you so much for these regular postings allowing those of us both far and near to follow Emily’s and the whole Love family’s journey! We so wish we lived nearby so that we could extend practical help to this precious family! Please let them know that they are all in our prayers daliy and we are standing with them in faith for Emily’s victory over this disease!
    Much love in Christ! Barb & Ken Wallace, Youth With A Mission, Fairbanks, Alaska

  2. Elisabeth,
    She looks JUST like you. In the pak n play picture – dude!
    I’m just saying.

  3. Praying constantly guys! We are all praying for you. Keep your heads up.

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