Back to the ER

I had a new post ready to go all about Emily’s first night home, but it has been superseded by the reality of Emily’s illness.

As I type this, Christina and Grammie are on their way back to the Emergency Room with Emily, who began feeling feverish earlier this evening. After waiting to see if the fever would go down with rest and even going out to buy a new thermometer because the two at home were giving different results, Christina called the on-call Oncologist for advice. His prompt reply was: bring her in.

Thankfully, Grammie and Chrissie had go-bags all set for just such a scenario and after transferring the car-seat and saying goodbye to Daddy, Emily is on her way.

We are hoping the E.R. doctors may just give Emily something to bring down the fever and send her home, but know that there is a good chance Emily could be readmitted to the hospital. Fevers are a big fear for a little girl whose immune system is severely weakened. On top of that danger is the fact that any fever will cause postponements in Emily’s treatment. She is scheduled for a spinal tap and chemotherapy treatment tomorrow morning, which may get delayed if her fever does not improve.

Please pray that God will heal our sweet girl so she can continue getting the treatment her body needs to beat the Leukemia in her blood. Please also pray for Christina and Grammie as they face another long night in the E.R. and for Jason as he takes care of the older children, who may wake to find Momma and little sister gone again. 


5 responses to “Back to the ER

  1. So sorry to hear. And so glad Emily has caregivers so attentive to her needs.

  2. Emily is never out of my prayers! This little girl’s journey will be a long one but a successful one. The battles will come but I have no doubt the war will be won.

  3. We are praying, here in TN!

  4. Judy and Clint Hawkins

    So sorry….continuing to pray for your little one and the family ❤

  5. Continuing to pray…

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