What we need to get home

Emily received her second round of Chemotherapy drugs on Saturday morning. We had hoped she might be discharged later in the day but a few health factors are keeping the doctors from giving the okay.

Emily didn't like the x-ray

Emily had an x-ray of her abdomen, which has been distended and hard over the past several days, causing Emily a great deal of pain. The x-ray revealed nothing out of the ordinary aside from the swelling caused by her constipation which is already being treated by medications. For this we are grateful and pray the medicines help relieve her pain quickly. Before Emily can be discharged and allowed to go home, the doctors want to see her eating and drinking regularly and having healthy bowel movements. We saw some improvement before the end of the day Saturday and are praying for a Sunday discharge.

Emily received transfusions of platelets and whole blood on Saturday to boost her blood counts which are low due to the effects of the chemotherapy. The purpose of chemotherapy is to kill the Leukemia cells in order to allow normal cells to grow and fill in the gap. Until her body can fill in this gap on its own, transfusions will be used to boost the healthy blood cell count in Emily’s body.

Kiddos just want to be held

Since before being admitted to the hospital, Emily experienced a mobility challenge – insisting on being carried at all times and refusing to walk or stand on her own. This was one of the main indicators that our little Stitch, who is normally moving too fast to be caught, was not well. We now know it was also a symptom of the Leukemia which causes muscle weakness and irritation of the nerves, no doubt giving Emily pain throughout her body and legs. Several of the drugs Emily is receiving further exacerbate these symptoms, and Momma Chrissie seldom gets to put Emily down.

We have already begun to see improvement in Emily’s physical state and demeanor. Swelling, due to the large amounts of fluids she is being given to prevent dehydration, has begun to go down. And after each blood and platelet transfusion, we see  color return to Emily’s otherwise pale visage and a little more pep in her feisty step! Emily finally ate something other than goldfish and m&m’s tonight (some bread and a few bites of spaghetti) and her attitude reared it’s head when she threw her shoes off in protest of having to take a nap! When Grandma and big sister Sophia came for a visit, Emily was happy and lively, giving kisses and being playful.

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayer that Emily’s body will begin to feel better, allowing her to walk and play with her previous vigor
  • Prayer for strength and relaxation in Christina’s body as she has had to carry Emily nearly nonstop for the past month
  • Prayer that Emily’s appetite and thirst would return and her bowel’s become regular so that she can be discharged from the hospital soon
  • Prayer for Christina and Jason as they learn and practice the techniques they will need to care for Emily’s Broviac line at home

8 responses to “What we need to get home

  1. Elisabeth, thank you for all of your posts! You are such a talented writer and give such a clear picture of what is going on. I know a lot of people appreciate your updates and the time you spend to write them. We are praying night and day. You guys have truly shown what real faith is through all of this. I love your entire family! You are all a beautiful gift of God! Love, Liz Cambeis

    • Thank you Liz. It is a blessing for me to do this one small thing to help people be a part of what is going on. After being far from my family for so long, I am used to feeling helpless in situations like this and my hope is that this blog helps other people feel connected and allows them to know how they can help.

  2. Praying for you all! Thanks for the great updates and the updated prayer needs.

  3. Tonya BridgesMamalove

    My mom lives a few blocks from you and has MUCH experience with Leukemia and a Broviac line (my brother had one for 3 years during his leukemia battle). She wants you to know she is available to help, inform or bounce info off. Your family is intensively in our prayers. We know how difficult this battle can be. Here’s hope: My brother was given a very small chance of survival. Today he is 31 years old, strong, healthy and very much aware of God’s hand on his life. God will never forsake you during this journey. He will surely be the lifter of your head and the strength you need when you are weak. Much love! Tonya Bridges

  4. Hello Liz, Thank you for the updates on little Emily. We continue to pray for her and the family and just leave it in God’s hands. When it i time for her to leave te hospital, He will so advise. After the morning service today, the Pastor ended with a special prayer for all of you and Emily.
    By the way, that one picture of Chrissie and that oter ladie holding the girls was great, but it would have been better if that “strange lady” had not been in the picture.
    With love, Mr D

  5. Praying for Christina’s strong arms and Emily’s healthy body. Love you guys.

  6. Jason and the Kids are so happy and awaiting their arrival… Chrissie you are an amazing wife,mom,sister,daughter,aunt,sister-in-law,friend,cousin,and of course daughter-in-law…Jason you are a good man and you are blessed…I am so thankful you have each other… Love you both…Mom

  7. Annette Tompkins

    We pray constantly for all of you – the entire family. Not a meal goes by, or a devotional time, that we aren’t praying for you. Chrissie – thank you for your beautiful testimony of ever-so patient love and kindness. You are an amazing example of how long suffering God’s patience and love is to us. The strength you exhibit, because your trust is in your faithful, Heavenly Father is humbling for me to observe. God is teaching so many others, through you, including me. Jason, you are a man of God to stand so faithfully beside your wife, sheltering her, protecting her and sharing her responsibilities. We pray for encouragement and focus at work, for you. God WILL faithfully provide. Last – the love that all the children surround Emily with, mommy and daddy is just plain beautiful. Their examples are no doubt touching the lives of the hospital staff, deeper than we can see. We love you all! Jeff, Annette, Carissa and Karyn

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