A Sunday Outing & Accessories

On Sunday afternoon, the Love family enjoyed a special treat. With the entire family in attendance, little Emily was given permission to leave the pediatric floor for a little sunshine and fun!

Bundled in blankets and wrapped in her mother’s arms, Emily rode in a wagon down the elevator and through the hospital to a courtyard filled with sunshine. There, Jason and Ethan took turns taking the girls for a ride while the boys played tag and Sophia blew bubbles to make Emily smile.

Sunday also brought visitors, Yana and Jesse, with exciting gifts for the Love Girls. Both Emily and Sophia received new shoes, tutus, and hair bows…three of their most favorite things in the whole world!

Emily has acquired quite the collection of shoes and accessories from family and friends over the past week. Her nurses and doctors always smile when they see new items in the growing pile and have commented that they’ve never seen such a fancy patient! Emily insisted on wearing pretty shoes and a hair bow to her first surgery, something her recovery nurse said he’d never seen before. She refuses to let shoes off her feet and each new gift unfailingly brings a smile to Emily’s face.

Thank you to everyone who has outfitted the Love Girls with such pretty accessories! They are greatly loved and admired!


4 responses to “A Sunday Outing & Accessories

  1. I’m so glad you were all able to soak up some sun and enjoy a bit of family time. I’m sure the boys were thrilled to be able to pull momma around! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Love Love Love the picture of Chrissie kissing Emi on the forehead! She is just one amazing momma!!

  3. Thanks to whichever of you sisters is keeping up with this blog. What a service you are doing to keep all of us up to date and praying for this precious family. May God bless all of you ❤

  4. Judy and Clint Hawkins

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! It warm my heart to see your family together and smiling in the sunshine. May God bless you and help you through this trial. We continue to pray!

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