Happy Birthday William!

Happy 7th Birthday William!

A Ring-Bear!

The Love family is blessed with five beautiful children and seven years ago TODAY William Lawrence Love entered the world and all our hearts. If you’ve met William, you know he has one of the sweetest spirits on the planet. He loves to help others, is thoughtful and caring, and his favorite thing to do is clean (seriously!).

While life has been in a bit of turmoil lately, we are all doing our best to keep life relatively normal for the Love children and celebrating William’s birthday is an important part of that. He will be spending the day with his cousin, Jonah, which he is very excited about! And as family tradition dictates, William gets to choose the menu for the day and Aunt Marni has already taken his requests for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

William understands that his birthday is a bit different this year and, though it is hard on him, he is handling it with great fortitude. At the hospital on Tuesday, William turned to Christina and told her, quite bravely, that he understands she may not get to spend his birthday with him because it’s very important that she stay at the hospital with Emily and he’s okay with that. His selfless declaration brought tears immediately to Christina and Auntie Elisabeth’s eyes.

While many of our prayers are focused on the healing of Emily, it is also important to lift up the entire family in prayer as they face the many changes to their life that Emily’s diagnosis has and will continue to bring. Today we ask you to celebrate the blessing of William Love by thanking God for this handsome boy and praying for a joyful day, full of laughter and love. 


7 responses to “Happy Birthday William!

    We love you!!
    Marni, you are awesome! What a way to be a blessing. You are making his day so special 🙂

  2. Happy birthday William! We just know you are going to love being 7 years old! Can’t wait to hear about all the fun you have with Jonah today.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Will! We are sending our love all the way from Va to you is Ca!! We know Aunt Marni will bless you on your wonderful day!! Love you!!

  4. What a stud! Growing up I always envisioned having some stud as boys, but these little guys are awesome!!! Happy Bday little Will!

  5. While we have not had the pleasure of meeting Jason’s and Chrissie’s children, we can see the sweetness on William’s little face! Thanks for sharing a bit about him here! We do pray that the love he obviously has for his sister and his family will not be something that weighs him down today but that he will feel free to just enjoy being a 7-year-old boy who is celebrating his birthday! Happy, happy birthday, William! Hope we get to meet you one of these days! Love & birthday hugs from Alaska! Barb & Ken Wallace

  6. William You Rock! Happy Biggie Birthday Bestest Birthday Boy!

  7. Happy Birthday Will! It was awesome to spend your special day with you. So glad you got to play mini golf with the guys and hang out with your sister, brothers and cousins playing and laughing. You are such a sweet and happy boy and we are so blessed to have you in our family. We love you Will!!

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