Successful Catheter Procedure

Monday morning, Emily underwent a successful procedure to place the Broviac catheter into her chest.

The Broviac catheter will allow the doctors to give Emily medications and to take blood without having to continuously stick her with needles. Catheters like this normally last the entire duration of a patient’s treatment, which means she should only have to go through this procedure once. It will require careful cleaning at home, a process which the nurses will teach Christina and Jason before they leave the hospital. Because the catheter is on Emily’s chest, it will be mostly hidden from view and as Emily is released from the hospital, the doctors say she should be able to wear her own clothes and most people won’t have a clue she is currently undergoing treatment!

Emily is battling a fever and we are pending culture results to see if it’s due to bacteria or the Leukemia itself. She is receiving broad spectrum antibiotics and Tylenol. The IV line in her left arm was removed today and Emily showed her delight by throwing a few things across the room…just to make sure the arm still works of course! LOL. Though she doesn’t feel good, she is feisty as ever and this is reassuring to all. Thank you for your continued prayers.


2 responses to “Successful Catheter Procedure

  1. Jay and Christina~I prayed for you guys tonight (and cried to the Lord cause I just love you). I love you so much! I’m sorry that you’re having to walk through this trial. I know you have a full plate as it is. I pray the Lord uses this to draw you so close together, that He heals sweet little Emily’s body more quickly than predicted, and that He continues to surround you with all the love, help, encouragement, and a peacful hope that you’ll need during this time. I pray you know every day His sufficient grace for every moment you’re in, that you’ll practice Phil 4 of being anxious in nothing, meditating on what’s true, noble, of good report, praiseworthy…and that He’ll provide what you need every step of the journey as it’s needed. I know you’re hurting, but I also know our Lord, who’s filled with mercy and compassion, who never grows weary or gets discouraged. As you wait upon the Lord, you will renew your strength, run and not grow weary, walk and not faint (Is. 40)…One step at a time sweet friends, that’s all that’s required. love you

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