God’s Hand

While it is hard to imagine that all of this is part of God’s plan for little Emily’s life, we do believe that God is using her journey to be a witness to the doctors, nurses, UCD employees, and even strangers who have heard about Emily’s illness.

We have already begun to see the amazing network God has in place to care for Emily – huge beyond our imagination!

While Emily was in surgery on Friday for her bone marrow biopsy, across town her cousin Terra was meeting a new neighbor. After some initial conversation, in which Terra shared briefly that her cousin was in the hospital, the neighbor shared that, at the request of her best friend, the neighbor has been praying for a 2-year old girl just diagnosed with Leukemia. As the two spoke, it became increasingly clear that both Terra and the neighbor were praying for the same little girl – our Emily! What a small world we live in that God would connect these two strangers over the love and prayers for one of His precious children!

Several doctors involved in Emily’s care are also friends of family members or otherwise connected to Emily. It is a blessing to know that those healing hands know how special she is to all of us and it is a comfort to the family to hear overwhelming news from the mouths of friends.


One response to “God’s Hand

  1. So nice to see our Christian family in action! What a blessing from God to know that not only are the Dr.’s and staff being prayed for as they care for Emily but that they themselves are actually praying as well! She’s in good hands for sure!

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